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    Your Feedback + Our Lippies = Killer Upgrade

    Your Feedback + Our Lippies = Killer Upgrade

    Your Feedback + Our Lippies = Killer Upgrade

    Hi Queen!

    We have some amazing news to share!


    First, thank you for being part of our community. We deeply appreciate you choosing Aboni matte liquid lipstick to accentuate your glow. We tirelessly evaluate our brand to provide you with quality and unique product at an affordable price.  From your creative input for new lipstick shade names to your photos showing us how you rock Aboni, we value the feedback you give us on social media. Keep the ideas and pictures coming, babe. We love them! You’re a huge part of what makes our community an awesome place. We’ve heard your voice and have made a big decision to bring you more of what you love – all thanks to you!


    So, how’s this for a major surprise?


    We’re upgrading your lippies, queen. We’re changing our packaging to slash our prices for you! We’ll be switching to a simpler packaging. Remember the $18 original price? Gone!


    Your new price is now only $12.


    That’s almost double the savings – who doesn’t love a two for one steal? Don’t worry, queen. We’d never compromise our matte lippies, so you can expect the same high-quality cruelty free matte liquid lipstick you love at an all-new, super affordable price.


    What can you expect when you receive your next order?


    Our new packaging will be round and black, instead of square and black.




    Aboni lippies will now look even more sleek to match its luxe quality. Swipe your matte lippies on in upgraded style.


    Please note that you may receive either the old or the new packaging as we make the big transition into more affordable pricing for everyone.


    We want you to know we value your business. Because we do, we’ll keep finding ways to make our cruelty free products accessible. As always, we will continue to communicate changes in our business and we ask that you continue to engage with us. We absolutely adore every single comment, photo, and idea you share with us. It’s YOU that helps make Aboni amazing.


    Thank you for being our queens and supporting the Aboni brand.

    If you have any questions, send us an email at info@abonicosmetics.com or just say hello! We always love hearing from you.

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