Our Story

We believe that the lips are the most captivating part of the face. The second you put on our lipstick, you feel like you can conquer anything. And let’s be honest, if you can pull off one of our shades, you can pull off everything! 
We focus on one product which allows us to be the best at what we do. We’re always on the hunt for new shades to disrupt the “norm” in the beauty community and challenge what’s “acceptable”. You can rock any shade you want and guess what? It’ll still be flattering! That’s the Aboni difference.
Sure, our colors are to die for, but we have an unmatched quality you won’t find anywhere else. We have professional chemists who develop cruelty-free lipsticks created with safe ingredients you don’t have to second guess.
Buzzfeed and Allure wouldn’t brag about us if we weren’t up to par, right?
 Above all else, our customers are our queens. You are the true CEO of our brand and we’re committed to your needs and opinions 100%. Your input determines what shades we choose and even what we name them. We literally cannot do what we do without you! We’re so grateful to have your support. We are excited for you to take this journey with us and help us to become one of the TOP global cosmetics brands.